It is a huge contribution for the YOUTH TALLENT SPORTS ASSOCIATION in 2021 that you are going to get a chance for the player, for this we will thank ARHAN Sir, in which he worked very hard for this, today we have reached this destination. A lot of players are going to get a big platform from the tour. June is very much scheduled for the tour to be held in July. In India, the puzzle player is getting such an opportunity for which the player himself is responsible. Best wishes for this platform Ahmed Zee will be a golden chance for players from this tour for all players

The UAE Corporate T20 Besh, to be held in Dubai and Sharjah in June to July, is a very big achievement, this tour will give a lot of players a destination and very few people will get this chance in this league to be held between 8 teams. All the strong teams are running and 4 from India y and 1 from Nepal, 1 Dubai, 1 Malaysia, that team is participating, every player playing on this tour will get money.