Here are some of the benefits that the players get when they play in the Indian National Cricket League. Let's know about those benefits

 1. Every young player is given a chance to play in INCL and a player is also given a certificate for performing well.

 2. 50 players from INCL will participate in the T20 Corporate T Twenty Cricket Base taking place in Dubai from INCL this year

 3. In CL will give players a chance to conduct state camp and IPL camp. Every team conducts a camp for new players for IPL.

 4. In this year's IPL to be held in 2021-2022, the player of INCL will be seen playing, this is my promise to you

5. NCL is a better league for young players to be exactly like IPL.

 6. This year 50 players from INCL will also be selected for the Corporate T20 Cricket Base to be held in Dubai.

 7. INCL is the number after the best league in the league to be held in India

 8. Selection is done for Ranji camp or any state level camp.

 9. Trophy for 16 states to be held at college school level will be done by IN CL

 10. INCL is most known for its auction, in any tournament, the team is selected by auction.

11. Through IMCL, players get the opportunity to play for their state and country from time to time.

 12. International, school, state or college tours in India are conducted only through INCL.

 13. 10 players from INCL will be sent to the camp this year, out of which the performing player has a chance to play in state level and IPL.

 14. The match by INCL will be telecast live of most of the matches.

 15. The player will get a kit dress and better food and a chance to stay at the Three Star Hotel

16. IMCL matches are in color dress and color kit

 17. The match record of I NCL is given from time to time to the state level federation and also to the BCCI so that if a good player performs, he is selected.

 18. I MCL has support of Malaysia Cricket Federation Dubai Cricket and Indian National Cricket

 19. Every certificate received from INCL is valid and can work everywhere like cricket test and admission from government job sports quota can work everywhere

 20. IMCL Sale Top 3 players get sponsorship up to ₹ 50k for studies and sports in Europe every year, this sponsorship can be obtained by any company

 21. With the sponsor, every year from INCL can play top ten players from the same company and job for 3 years.

 22. Publicity of players and players get gas price form from I NCL

 23. The cash prize of 25 lakhs will be given to the winning team of INCL in 2021 by Yon Pencil.

 24. No fee for a tour other than security, after selection of a player

 25. Awards in INCL are like IPL like Purple Cap Orange Cap and also INCL Awards are like IPL.

 Some of the benefits of IMCL are as if you have not seen above yet. IMCL is a league that works for young players from time to time.