Indian national cricket league 2021 guidelines for indian govt.

The UAE tour is the only manna required by this guide line of the Indian National Federation of Indians for players to say any match.

1. You will not come to the match if you have fever, or any kind of cold blood..

2. You have to do a test of your own, you must do this test, that report should be with you..

3. on any tour left for 13 years.

• Unless lockdown will continue, more than 4 teams will not allowed at a time.

• Maximum 50 people will be allowed on the cricket ground. It condition will same for each ground.

• On the ground, only two teams will be represent, which are playing. Rest teams will stay at hotel.

• Hand shake / to hug and use of any other player accessories will strictly banned.

• Kit will be provided to each player individually and no other player will be allowed to use the kit.

• Under no circumstances can the ball be cleaned with spit and sweat.

• All players will not gather to celebrate the wicket.

• Make habit to use of left hand and organizer will use same process to take or provide of any accessories.

• Periodically wash your hands and make sure to use sanitizer after touching any other accessories.

Shoes will put off before enter the room.

• Warm water will be consumed four or five times a day and the use of lemon will be included in the diet chart to maintain immunity.

• COVID-19 test will be done of chef before joining to avoid COVID-19 disease. Dining outside the hotel will not be allowed under any circumstances.

• Each player will always wear a mask.

• Cold drink / cold water will not allowed.