Q1.  Can we play IPL with INCL?

 Ans.  No, IPL is a separate platform and INCL brings different but hard colors.

 Q2.  How old should you be

  Ans: The age of the player will be honorable from 13 years to 33 years, if the player is less than 13 years, then his registration  Not valid

 Q3.  How many years has passed since Sir INCL started?

   Ans.  2 years have passed since INCL was launched in 2019, the game could not be played due to the folk down in 2020, but apart from INCL, many other tournaments were conducted under lockdown, this huge achievement was given to INCL.  was

  Q4.  Sir when will this tour be when is the UAE tour

   Ans.  The UAE World Tour will be held in June and July, whose resumption will start from April, after April, its camp will be in Goa in May and in June its option will be in Delhi and in June last it will go away.

  Q5.  Sir, will you explain a little bit about what processor this security is

   Ans.  Without security, a player will not get a place in any tour. Submission of security will be necessary for every tree. If a player has gone without security, his selection will not be canceled and fed to him. This is the rule of security to follow some rules.  Since 2018, the player submits the security, the player follows all our rules well and does not break any rules and does not misbehave with any Empire player, that is why the rule of security has been made without submitting the security of INCL.  Can't play any tournament

   Q6.  Are there any fees other than security

    Ans.  There are no fees of any kind other than security, but the trial fees and camp fees deposited before the security do not mean any security. As long as the security pickup is deposited, you will be free of any INCL tournament.  The rules for depositing security can be played by the MCL, the court has made it honorable by the court. This rule applies to everyone and the full refund of the security refund is the responsibility of the National Cricket Federation of India, at that time the chairman who is the security  Refunds

   Q7.  Sir how will the election be for the UAE tour and what documents are submitted

    Ans.  For the election for UAE tour, first of all you have to submit the registration form, after submitting the form in the West, your trial is in your state or in other states, you are taken a trial of 6 bols in style, this trial in any state of India.  Maybe where you are going to be given a trial, if you are selected in the trial after the trial, then you will have a camp for 3 matches to be held in Goa, from where you will be selected based on the performance of the UAE Tour.  Is done for.  This is how the selection process is done in this way

    Q8.  Camp fee is different from security, it is in security only.

     Ans.  If you have been selected for the camp, then you will be given by our officer thinking that your fee will be in the security or this information is different from the security after the game is told to you, now the fee of the camp is taken in the security itself.  This decision is left further, it is left to our honorable officer.

    Q9.  Whether bag bag dress etc. is found in the camp fees, the goods have to be returned or not

   Ans.  If you have deposited the security fees and you will be given the kit bag shoes and dress for the camp, it becomes your own.  It is not refunded and if you have deposited the fees of the camp, then you will be given only a dress, nothing will be given in the rest of the stuff.

    Q10.  Sir, what is the benefit of this UAE tour?

   Ans.  Although the benefits of UAE Tour are many, but the biggest advantage is that all the players in this suit will get ₹ 100000 to ₹ 500000 and there is an advantage that if the player performs well then his 5 from any company  The contract for the year can be a 3-year contract and a 1-year contract based on the same performance. The Asian Tour will give players a platform and in the coming time, there will be a chance to play big tournaments like the State League and IPL which are to be held in India.  One of the major benefits of this UAE tour is that players will have experience of playing corporate payments.