The calculations for the Table are performed as follows:

  • Each team scores points based on the results of their matches.

  • Each team's rating is equal to its total points scored divided by the total matches played. (Series are not significant in these calculations).

  • A match only counts if played in the last three years.

  • Matches played in the first year of the three-year limit count one-third; matches played in the second year count two-thirds; matches played in the last year count fully; essentially, recent matches are given higher weighting.

  • To determine a team's rating after a particular match:
    • Determine the match result (win, loss, or tie)

    • Calculate the match points scored:

    • Add the match points scored to the points already scored (in previous matches as reflected by the Table) and determine the new rating. However, matches(and the points) which do not lie in last three year range will have to be removed.

  • Points earned by teams depend on the opponents ratings, therefore this system needed to assign base ratings to teams when it started..