There is no fees of player that appears after selection of INCL but one of our condition has to be follow by the player and that is security fee.

Q1 What is the security?
Securty is a role, in this condition has to be played.
Every player playing INCL, has to pay security fee . the main motive is to put you in one condition.
On what reason the security fees is taken. in detail

BEHAVIOUR 1-This is a big reason for taking security. Cricket is a passion for everyone and can do anything to win defeat. It is important that your behaviour must be good to everyone. If your behavior is good then you should not more think to deposit security.*

YOU CAN'T ABORT 2- It 's a big problem. once Your selection got confirmed, and your parents didn' t allow, you don't want to continue or you gets some other work, so we can't search out again for a player and that is One of the biggest reasons why you can't leave the match without a reason, and if you don' t do that, you know that security is a deposit.

THE OTHER REASONS 3-Don't share with the team, listen to your senior player and association staff say, don' t loss anything by the time the match reaches, every time the team has had an auction arrived, played with the same team that had bought the auction, any smoke, any unfired, selection committee which team I called, play from the same team.

The major causes for depositing security

1. Once your team has been decided you people often deny from coming.

2.To stop any kind of smoking . This is a big reason

3. Not listening to your senior staff or players

4. To stop your actions which can harm you in any wat

5.You are supposed to follow all the instructions and rules given by our association

6. After auction, from whichever team you have been bought you HAVE TO play from their side only.

7. You'll have to give 20% from your auction money to association. If you not then you'll have to be taken by security

8.After taking auction's money you'll play all matches , if you'll not then your Security will not be return.

9. Fighting or abusing your playmates.

10.if there is a captain then showing too mich leadership is also wrong

Over at all,You have to listen and follow all the instruction by Association .

This SECURITY is only a CONDITION . This security is return in the same way it is paid, For this players have to follow all the CONDITION.

(None of the player can play without subpmitting tis security)