For the selection of the UAE tour, its selection has been kept in 4 parts, but I came to know about it before it came.
 The UAE Tour is being organized by 8 big companies, so this tour is known as the UAE Corporate T20 Base.  It has been given and a big change has been made in the committee for this tour. A lot of players will get a new route for cricket and big prizes have been announced. By canceling the selection in this tour, the selection was renewed.  The process will begin.  There will be 8 teams in this tour and each team will have to play 7 league matches, which will go to the team semi finals and finals.

1. Every player will get a reward of 1 lakh to 3 lakh which will be received through auction..

2. The auction will be done in India only

2. The auction will be done in India only

3. The player will not have any expenses for Visa and Dubai

4. I have to give 20 days of passport selection and the passport player will make it himself

5. 25 lakh cash to the winning team

6. 4 teams from India and 1 team from Dubai, 1 team from Nepal, 1 team from Canada and 1 team from Malaysia

7.Selection for the 4th team of India will be in April and Camp in May.

 8.Final selection camp of selected players will be in Goa for 7 days

9. In this camp, training will also be given to the players.

In this way, the selection process has been kept in Part 4.

 Part 1- If you are not a player of INCL, then you have to pay registration fees of Rs 00 / - and if you are a player of INCL, then you have to pay a fee of Rs 00 / -, you will have to submit the form online.  And you will get a registration number from there, that number will be your identification number from which you can give a trial, you will have to submit this form before April 20, after which a letter will be given to you, after which you will be registered.  Process will complete

Part 2- After registration, the trial of the player can be done anywhere in India, it is not necessary that your trial can be in your district or your own state, its trial can be in your state or in different state also.  As the list will come, you will be told, but it will be an effort that your trial is in your own state, the player in the trial is given an opportunity of 1 over and the result of the trial is from your phone message or on the web site in 24 hours.  Can also watch online

 Part 3- If you get selected in trial, then you have to go to Goa for 7 days camp, where the player has to pay the cost of Rs 8888 / -, in which the player (all our  From the side, the ticket costs the player. Before 15 days of the camp, it is told when the camp will take place. In this camp, the player has to score 70 points in 3 league matches based on this points table if you make 70 points.  If you take, then you are selected, otherwise the responsibility of selection is on the selection committee, they can choose on some conditions. This match comes on live youtube, from which your family members can also see your performance.  The player is auctioned after this selection.

Part 4: You are auctioned on the basis of your performance. This auction is done after your selection is final. In this auction, you go base prize is decided on the basis of your performance in Goa and you will get those 4 teams.  You get a chance to play from which team will buy you.


In this way, the selection process of this tour will be completed and after that you will go for a 21 day tour to Dubai, Sharjah for T20 Corporate Disguise.